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TSM Recovery & Recycling Co., Inc. understands that proper disposal and removal of biohazardous wastes is a serious procedure. You need the right people for this task, and our team of waste management experts know how to do this correctly. Find out the types of facilities we can service and how we can pick up your medical waste and toxic waste.

• We provide convenience by coming to your business or facility.

• Safe and proper waste treatment.

• Receive quality service at our affordable rate.

• Your satisfaction is our top priority.

• We guarantee our compliance to all waste

   management laws.

Let our waste management experts handle your biohazardous wastes.

We provide fast, efficient, and reliable waste treatment.




EPA ID# - CAD108040858 | Motor Carrier# - 0001204 | Hazardous Waste Transporter# - 1599

Trust TSM Recovery & Recycling Co., Inc. to dispose of your toxic and medical waste safely at affordable rates. We offer only the highest quality service developed with over 40 years of experience.


Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE and see what we can do for you.

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