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Incineration Blood container

We guarantee everyone's safety in disposing your medical waste.

You can count on us to keep you safe from dangerous and hazardous waste materials by disposing them away from your proximity. Trust TSM Recovery & Recycling Co., Inc. to remove that waste in a professional and dependable way.

  • Sharps - bloody gauze, urine, scalpels, syringes, needles

  • Controlled substances - morphine, hydrocodone

  • All kinds of waste

  • Tissues, blood, cultures and infectious substances

  • Laboratory containers and bedding

  • Trace chemo and radioactive waste

  • Pathological waste

What we can pick up for you

Whatever you need to dispose of, TSM Recovery & Recycling Co., Inc. will take care of it for you. We'll pick it up straight from your doorstep and dispose of it where the waste can't harm you. Our friendly, family-owned and operated business is here to make medical and toxic waste disposal easier and more convenient for you.


Find out more about us and the businesses we service. We also provide expert toxic waste removal.

Our expert service at a price you can afford

Trust us to give you quality service and unparalleled expertise backed by 40 years

of experience.



With TSM Recovery & Recycling Co., Inc., your satisfaction is always going to be guaranteed.

What we do with your medical waste

  • High temperature anaerobic recycling

  • Incineration

  • Incineration by waste to energy treatment

  • Proper disposal

  • Auto clave

  • Diagnostic waste

  • Non-RCRA pharmaceutical waste

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